Vineyard Offshore Submits Proposal for Vineyard Wind 2


Vineyard Offshore has submitted a proposal for a 1,200 MW offshore wind project to Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island in response to the states’ solicitation for up to  6,800 MW of offshore wind capacity. 

“As the team that developed Vineyard Wind 1, the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project, Vineyard Offshore knows how to deliver offshore wind to New England, and that’s by  earning the trust of the communities we work in,” says Vineyard Offshore CEO Alicia Barton.  

“Our project will deliver more than $2 billion in economic benefits, create opportunities for workers and local businesses, and build on partnerships with local governments, organizations, and institutions across all three states, and we have the local support to show for it.” 

The proposed facility will be located 29 miles south of Nantucket in lease area OCS-522, which is held by funds managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, for which Vineyard Offshore serves as U.S. development partner.  

Project investments include offshore construction in Salem, Mass.; sourcing foundation components in Providence, R.I.; grid interconnection in Montville, Conn.; and O&M in New Bedford, Mass. 

The project is slated to provide up to $37.5 million in directly funded initiatives to promote a diverse and inclusive offshore wind workforce and supply chain. 

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