Vineyard Offshore Deepens Local Ties to Salem, North Shore


With offshore construction on Vineyard Wind 2 based at the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal, its parent company, Vineyard Offshore, is set on forming partnerships with local institutions.

In March, the company submitted its proposal for a 1,200 MW offshore wind project to Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island in response to the New England states’ solicitations for up to 6,800 MW of capacity.

The company says this is in an effort to boost local employment and business opportunities, should the project be selected.

“Over several years, Vineyard Offshore has been deeply involved in efforts to make Salem the next home for offshore wind in America, catalyzing jobs, investment and new economic opportunities,” says Vineyard Offshore CEO Alicia Barton. 

“We are proud to partner with the City of Salem and multiple North Shore agencies to ensure that the benefits of our Vineyard Wind 2 project are shared broadly and equitably throughout the region.”

Among the commitments the company has made, contingent on project selection, is a $500,000 pledge to the City of Salem’s Climate Adaptation Fund. It has also signed a lease agreement with Crowley Wind Services to anchor wind turbine staging activities for Vineyard Wind 2 at the terminal.

Vineyard Offshore has formed additional collaborative partnerships, should the project be selected for development. These include: Salem High School Career and Technical Education Center, ‍Center for Economic Development and Sustainability at Salem State University and the ‍Essex County Community Foundation

The company has also contracted with Oceantic Network to provide trainings and workshops in support of the company’s Supplier Diversity Plan, as it did in connection with the Vineyard Wind 1 project now under construction, and with Greentree Consulting, to help support localization of the offshore wind supply chain. 

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