Vienna Consulting Engineers Monitor, Analyze Gazelle Wind Power Pilot Project


Gazelle Wind Power, a floating offshore wind platform developer, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH (VCE), an independent consulting firm based in Austria, specializing in infrastructure design, construction phase management, environmental consulting, structural health monitoring and offshore structures.

VCE will provide design services – including load capacity determination, inspection planning, performance assessment and more – as well as monitoring and analysis for Gazelle’s initial 2 MW pilot plant at the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN).

“As we continue our journey to bring our floating offshore wind technology to commercialization, having the expertise of those familiar with designing and monitoring these structures will be vital,” says Gazelle Wind Power CEO Jon Salazar. “With their project development acumen and firm reputation as an authority in structural engineering and plant health monitoring, environmental consulting, structural inspection, and much more, VCE will provide valuable input and insight into making our initial pilot project a success.”

Gazelle’s unique hybrid floating wind platform is lighter and more agile than current designs and also boasts the advantage of faster deployment out in deeper waters.

“Gazelle is providing a unique solution to a widespread problem, namely, how society can take advantage of stronger winds and accelerate renewable energy generation,” mentions Robert Schedler, an executive at VCE. “We believe that Gazelle’s innovative floating offshore wind technology will be a key enabler to the offshore wind market and look forward to taking it to the next stage of development.”

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