Vestas to Establish Second Offshore Blade Factory


Vestas has announced plans to establish a new factory in Poland to produce blades for the company’s flagship offshore wind turbine, the V236-15.0 MW.

The company expects to start operations in 2026 and hopes to create more than 1,000 direct jobs. 

“Vestas intends to lead the development of a sustainable supply chain in Europe that can deliver the scale needed to meet the expected growth in demand for offshore wind,” says Tommy Rahbek Nielsen, Vestas’ COO. “Our plans for two new offshore factories in Poland underline that Europe can spur wind industry investments and green jobs with the right long-term policy commitments for offshore wind projects.”

The new offshore blade factory is planned to be located at a site in northern Szczecin that Vestas acquired last February and is situated close to the Ostrów Brdowski Island, where the company’s planned nacelle assembly factory would be located. The assembly factory is expected to start operations in 2025 and create 700 direct jobs.

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