Vayu, Formerly WindWISDEM, Launches Wind Optimization Software


Vayu Corp., a Ystrategies Corp. portfolio company, has announced the availability of its wind energy optimization cloud software.

VayuAI is a cloud computing platform that lets users access breakthroughs in plant-level wind farm optimization and control through a Web-based interface.

“We’ve achieved our goal of creating a cloud computing service that can optimize any wind farm and produce an optimization report for any wind service stakeholder in the world, including wind farm operators, OEMs and investors,” says Jim Kiles, CEO of Vayu. “Not only can it significantly help increase wind energy production from existing infrastructure, it can help the financial community better evaluate farms for investments and acquisitions.”

The technology company has also changed its name from WindWISDEM to Vayu and appointed August Kiles its lead product engineer, responsible for managing the development of all VayuAI products and services. Kiles’ background is in operations research and financial engineering.

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