TurbineHub Adds Satellite Imagery from Planet Labs for Wind Energy Insights


TurbineHub, a data and geospatial software-as-a-solution (SaaS) company for the wind energy industry, has released Planet Labs PBC’s medium resolution satellite data through TurbineHub’s service. Planet is a provider of global, near-daily satellite imagery and geospatial solutions. Through TurbineHub’s imagery analysis service, developers can access Planet’s satellite imagery to better inform their wind energy investment decisions.

TurbineHub offers a platform with tools and data integrations that enable firms to originate and validate wind investments. This SaaS helps asset managers, private equity, utilities and renewable royalty buyers to visualize and analyze wind investment on a nationwide and offshore scale.

TurbineHub recently released the TurbineHub Index Number (THI), a national database of wind turbines confirmed with recent satellite imagery.

Now, with access and integration of Planet’s PlanetScope 3-5-meter daily imagery, dating back to 2015, the historical archive will automatically be integrated into TurbineHub’s infrastructure, enabling users to gain unique information regarding development trends over time. TurbineHub customers can track onshore and offshore wind development using TurbineHub’s proprietary asset tracking capabilities.

“Planet is proud to be working in collaboration with TurbineHub as the global economy shifts towards a renewable energy future,” says Jen Doogan, Planet’s director of Americas partnerships. “We believe our satellite imagery can offer critical insights into these market trends by monitoring evolving infrastructure projects from start to finish to help investment analysts make well-informed market decisions.”

Planet owns and operates the largest fleet of Earth observation satellites in history, with approximately 200 satellites currently in orbit. The company collects an image of every land-based location on Earth every single day, generating an unprecedented dataset. These datasets can be leveraged by wind energy investment and development companies to analyze assets, predict development times and lend insights into sustainable investment practices.

“Our goal is to empower developers to make sustainable and profitable investments that benefit our economy,” states Dylan Gust, TurbineHub’s CEO and co-founder. “We are thrilled to now offer Planet’s data integrated into TurbineHub Core and TurbineHub Offshore Pro. Their PlanetScope daily imaging product will allow for superior monitoring of wind energy assets and will reveal insights into improved development techniques as the US offshore wind energy industry grows.”

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