Tri Global Energy’s New Wind Power Capacity Soars in Q3


Tri Global Energy, a privately held renewable energy developer, says it developed a total of 1,657 MW of new wind power capacity in Q3 – which exceeds total wind power in development in 47 individual U.S. states. This contribution helped cement Texas’s position as the top-ranked state nationally in two areas – MW of new wind power capacity brought online and MW of wind projects under construction.

The industry statistics are based on the American Wind Power Association (AWEA) Wind Powers America Third Quarter 2020 Market Report, which details new developments and provides analyses of the U.S. wind industry. The report reveals that U.S. wind is on pace for a record year, with installations through Q3 up 72% over the first nine months of 2019. 

During Q3, Texas reported 687 MW of new wind power brought online – contributed by two companies: Apex Clean Energy (Aviator Wind, located in Coke County, Texas, at 525 MW) and Tri Global Energy (Bearkat II wind project, located in Glasscock County, Texas, at 162 MW). Colorado placed second to Texas, with a total 496 MW of new wind power installed for the quarter.

Tri Global Energy also continued as the leading developer of wind projects in Texas for the third straight quarter this year, contributing 31% (1,657 MW) of the state’s total.

“There’s no question that the pandemic has been challenging and created business pressures, but our continued success in the face of this years’ roadblocks dramatically illustrates that wind energy is a driver in the energy transition currently underway and that renewables are a vital part of our country’s energy future,” says John Billingsley, chairman and CEO of Tri Global Energy.

Among Q4 initiatives, Billingsley notes that Tri Global Energy will open a second office in Illinois in support of the company’s Vermilion Wind project. Vermilion Wind, a 255 MW, 15,000-acre wind project, is projected to be the largest wind farm in East Central Illinois.

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