TotalEnergies Utilizes REGENT Electric Seagliders for Travel to Offshore Platforms


REGENT, a company utilizing electric seagliders for sustainable high-speed maritime travel, and TotalEnergies are partnering to explore the use of REGENT’s all-electric seaglider for maritime travel to offshore wind platforms. The collaboration will comprise information exchange, active requirements development and use-case validation.

“Connecting our first-of-its-kind all-electric seaglider with a company as deeply committed to exploring the future of energy as TotalEnergies is tremendously exciting and as natural a partnership as we could envision,” says REGENT CEO Billy Thalheimer.

“The REGENT seaglider promises to make maritime travel faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable. By collaborating with industry leaders like TotalEnergies, we are advancing towards the global transition to clean transportation.”

The partners will identify global offshore energy sites and pilot the REGENT seaglider along a route to a selected platform. Following the initial pilot, REGENT and TotalEnergies will explore new routes and conduct additional pilots to drive forward longer-term cooperation opportunities.

“We are excited to work with REGENT to explore new avenues for the deployment of all-electric seaglider technology that aims to make maritime transit greener and more efficient,” states Ludovic Macé, manager of logistics and support to operations. “This partnership is part of TotalEnergies’ strategy to be a key player in electric mobility. and aligns with our strategic goals of reducing our carbon footprint and improving safety and operational efficiency.”

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