The White House Commits to Offshore Wind Power


The White House has called for increased spending on efforts to manage the growth of offshore renewable energy development – including offshore wind energy – in the U.S. 

The government’s proposed 2021 budget includes a nearly $5 million increase earmarked for offshore renewable energy in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), a division of the Department of the Interior, to $26.5 million over the current $21.3 million. This increase could allow for greater development of offshore wind along U.S. coastlines and additional resources to maintain project reviews.

“President Trump’s 2021 budget request for the department is about investing in our people and public lands and waters,” says Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. “He is committed to the mission of conservation and creating more public access for Americans to fully enjoy our national treasures and landscapes. This budget is a critical step in the right direction and provides a path to restore common sense in our budgeting process.”

Much of the FY 2021 budget set aside for renewable energy will help BOEM build its leasing program and streamline its permitting and National Environmental Policy Act processes. In addition, the budget will increase BOEM’s capacity to undertake research activities and foster stakeholder engagement.

“The White House’s focus on offshore renewable energy as an economic development opportunity shows they understand America’s growing demand for offshore wind energy. As Americans increasingly support renewable energy to power their towns and cities, offshore wind is capable of not only meeting those needs but powering the world 18 times over,” says Liz Burdock, president of the Business Network for Offshore Wind.

“In the last decade, the network has seen how this new growing industry has attracted a deep and diversified supply chain from every region in the country and we appreciate the incredible day-to-day efforts BOEM has invested in the future of energy in the U.S.,” she adds.  

The Business Network for Offshore Wind is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing an offshore wind supply chain in the U.S. It advances the industry forward through education, facilitating partnerships and events, including the International Offshore Wind Partnership Forum, the largest offshore wind conference in America. 

You can learn more about the network here.

Photo: The Business Networks for Offshore Wind’s homepage

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4 years ago

“offshore wind is capable of not only meeting those needs but powering the world 18 times over,” Right, Wynken, Blyken and Nod, sailed off in a wooden shoe. Wait, that was a dream too.