The Global Wind Organization Releases its Annual Report on Wind Safety


The Global Wind Organization (GWO) has published its Annual Report 2019 – Safety Without Borders: a yearly review of workforce, safety and training trends in wind energy.

The report focuses on certification bodies, wind turbine repair and maintenance, and best practices for maintaining safety in the wind industry.

Determined to create an injury-free working environment in wind, GWO drafted its first training standard in 2012 and formalized its member collaboration agreement in 2014. As of 2020, GWO operates across three continents via the GWO Secretariat, China Committee and North American Committee. 

GWO’s mission is to strive towards an injury-free working environment in the global wind industry. Their goal is to establish globally accepted and standardized safety training in all wind markets.

The organization’s three-year target is to more than double the number of technicians receiving GWO training on a regular basis. GWO will build a training provider network that delivers globally recognized, quality-assured safety training to at least 200,000 technicians by the end of 2022.

To read GWO’s full report, Safety Without Borders, click here

Photo: The first page of GWO’s Safety Without Borders annual report

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