Texas Governor Receives TGE’s Wind Leadership Award


Tri Global Energy (TGE), an originator and developer of utility-scale renewable energy projects, says Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has received the Tri Global Energy Wind Leadership Award. 

The annual award recognizes commitment to wind development and to the people who rely on wind projects to support their families and communities.

“Texans know that responsible stewardship of our environment must be a priority as we continue to utilize the natural resources available to us while also preserving the treasure that Texas is,” says Abbott. “For this reason, clean and renewable energy are closely tied with Texas’ prosperity and success. While Texas continues to provide for the oil and gas sector, the state is also a national and international provider of wind energy.”

Nearly 5,000 MW of TGE’s renewable energy projects are either in late-stage development, financing, construction or operation, including wind, solar and energy storage projects.

Photo: Gov. Greg Abbott receives the Tri Global Energy Wind Leadership Award

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Lynn B Ross
Lynn B Ross
4 months ago

Are you kidding me?! This is the governor who immediately threw renewable energy – specifically wind energy – under the bus when the Texas power grid totally failed during a winter storm last month. It, of course, turned out that wind energy played a VERY small percentage of that failure. Instead lack of meaningful oversight by his cronies at the PUC and ERCOT, and lack of regulation were the real problem. WTF Tri Global?

4 months ago

This is interesting, because I’ve just given Tri Global the “Worst Award Timing” Award for 2021.

5 months ago

Not mentioned anywhere in all of the talk about how Abbott hates green energy and faux fact checks about how it takes oil and helos to de ice