St. Johns Ship Building Delivers WINDEA-Ordered CTV for Vineyard Wind 1


St. Johns Ship Building has delivered the WINDEA Courageous, the first of three Jones Act compliant Incat Crowther 30m Crew Transport Vessels (CTV) ordered by WINDEA CTV, a partnership of Hornblower Wind and MidOcean Wind. 

This vessel is onsite in New Bedford, Mass., and will enter service supporting Vineyard Wind 1.

Construction of the Incat-designed vessel series is part of the company’s shift toward constructing high-speed aluminum vessels, which began more than two years ago through facility modifications and the acquisition of new production equipment.

“The WINDEA Courageous is a statement vessel for St. Johns Shipbuilding and marks the first measurable accomplishment in what has been a two-year effort to convert the facility and its many talented and hard working personnel from a history in building primarily steel vessels, to constructing advanced design, high speed aluminum vessels,” says Ed Sheets of Americraft Marine Group, the parent company of St. Johns Shipbuilding. 

“To say we are simply proud of the accomplishment doesn’t do justice to the hard work and sacrifice of the SJSB team. They have all risen to the many challenges we have faced during this transition and at the same time, have raised the bar in this industry segment itself.”

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