Spirit AeroSystems Works with American Electric to Convert HQ to Renewables


Spirit AeroSystems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc., has converted to 100% wind-generated electricity at the company’s headquarters in Kansas.

“Harnessing a local renewable and reliable resource dramatically reduces our corporate carbon emissions, a key priority for Spirit in achieving our sustainability goals,” says Tom Gentile, president and CEO of Spirit AeroSystems. “Improving both our environmental and operational performance builds competitiveness in our business, which means we can continue to support our local economy and secure our long-term future in Kansas.”

The Spirit Wichita facility employs approximately 10,000 people and has 12 million square feet of manufacturing capacity where it builds fuselages and other aerostructures for Boeing, Airbus and Defense contractors. The conversion to Wichita’s facility increases Spirit’s global renewable electricity percentage to 75%.

“Renewable energy is a key component of our strategy to achieve a 30 percent absolute reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions from our operations by 2030,” mentions Chris Ladwig, senior director and sustainability leader at Spirit AeroSystems. “Transitioning our Wichita site to 100 percent wind electricity greatly accelerates our ability to meet this target.”

Spirit Wichita’s wind power will come from 62 wind turbines that are part of a wind farm called Flat Ridge 3 in Kingman County that is owned and operated by a subsidiary of American Electric Power. Spirit then has an agreement with Evergy which enables the company to purchase clean electricity at a competitive cost via a long-term contract.

“Abundant wind energy resources in our area provide great opportunities to serve Evergy customers with affordable, clean energy,” states Chuck Caisley, Evergy’s senior vice president and chief customer officer. “Wind energy development also brings economic investment and jobs to communities near wind farms.”

“Our Flat Ridge 3 wind project adds more clean energy to AEP’s nearly 1,600 MW portfolio of competitive wind, solar and storage assets,” says Greg Hall, executive vice president of energy supply at AEP. “This project not only supplies renewable energy to Evergy customers, but also provides valuable economic benefits, such as tax revenue and jobs, to communities in Kingman County.”

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