SolarDuck Develops Hybrid Offshore Floating Solar Power Plant for RWE Wind Project


Following a collaboration agreement signed between SolarDuck and RWE this summer, RWE has selected SolarDuck as the exclusive provider for offshore floating solar (OFS) technology with integrated energy storage in RWE’s bid for the Hollandse Kust West (HKW) VII offshore wind farm.

The successful bid will now materialize a hybrid OFS power plant at scale; SolarDuck will build a 5 MW demonstrator with innovative integrated energy storage solutions.

“This is a flagship project for SolarDuck and an important milestone for the wider OFS industry,” states SolarDuck’s CEO, Koen Burgers. “SolarDuck, being the first to build a hybrid project at this scale, will demonstrate the robustness of our solution, prove the important role of system integration in building future-fit energy systems, and enable the scaling of the technology to accelerate its adoption. We are proud to work together with our partner, RWE, in this important project.”

SolarDuck, a Dutch-Norwegian OFS company, generates offshore solar energy using its state-of-the-art technology.

The HKW VII wind farm is one of two wind farms due to become operational by 2026, with a capacity of 700 MW. The wind farm is located approximately 28.6 nautical miles (53 kilometers) off the west coast of the Netherlands. In addition to the production of offshore wind energy, the government requested participating parties to offer solutions for fully integrating all the electricity generated into the Dutch energy system.

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