Simply Blue Floating Offshore Wind Project Will Power Renewable Energy Hub


Nomadic Offshore Wind, located off Northern Ireland, is the latest project of Simply Blue Group, an Irish Blue economy developer in floating offshore wind, wave energy and low impact aquaculture. The company also signed a related green energy deal with MJM Renewables.

The Nomadic Offshore Wind project will bring offshore wind power as a primary energy source for what is to become a renewable energy hub at the MJM Renewables site, Ballykelly. This ‘green’ energy will power projects within the hub, including manufacturing facilities, hydrogen production, a data center, and other advanced research and development industries.

“This project sits well with the ethos of Northern Ireland’s new Energy Strategy, The Path to Net Zero Energy,” says Economy Minister Gordon Lyons. “With the current rise in energy prices being felt by businesses and the public alike, our plan to phase out fossil fuels to ensure more of the money we spend on energy stays in the local economy, helping the economy to prosper whilst creating jobs, has never been more prevalent.”

To be located off Northern Ireland, Nomadic Offshore Wind will utilize floating offshore wind technology rather than fixed bottom structures, allowing positioning in deeper offshore areas with higher wind potential away from coastal shorelines, shipping lanes and fishing grounds.

“We are supportive of Northern Ireland’s energy strategy, and believe it is even more critical than ever to ensure secure, affordable and green energy for future generations,” mentions Naoimh McConville, MJM’s renewables director. “It has been an exciting time for us working with Simply Blue Group to bring this project to Northern Ireland. The renewable energy hub will be the catalyst to attract and develop the green economy in the Northwest, and it will help drive the shift to a zero-carbon economy and society.”

“We are delighted to add another offshore wind project to our portfolio,” comments Sam Roch-Perks, CEO of Simply Blue Group. “Northern Ireland represents huge opportunities for the renewable sector, and we look forward to combining our expertise and working with MJM Renewables to help realize their vision for a green energy hub at MJM Ballykelly.”

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