Siemens Gamesa Introduces New Wind Turbine to Lineup


Siemens Gamesa has debuted its SG 4.4-164 onshore wind turbine: a high-capacity-factor machine that the company says was designed specifically for the United States.

“With a country as large as the U.S., we took into account the unique challenges of onshore wind sites from coast to coast, including transportation and logistics, varied wind conditions and environments, state-by-state noise, electrical, and power delivery requirements, and the applicable IRA incentives,” says Shannon Sturgil, CEO of onshore North America for Siemens Gamesa. “This is truly an onshore wind turbine designed for America.”

Siemens Gamesa notes that the turbine will meet the domestic content requirements of the Inflation Reduction Act by utilizing the capabilities of the company’s blade facility in Fort Madison, Iowa, and nacelle assembly facility in Hutchinson, Kan.

The turbine’s 81-meter blades were designed by Siemens Gamesa’s blade design team in Boulder, Colorado.

Featuring a “design lifetime longer than the industry standard,” Siemens Gamesa says the SG 4.4-164 uses “established and updated platform designs to minimize costs and streamline construction.”

The turbine is currently available to order for projects targeted to reach commercial operation in 2025.

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