Shell, Eneco Enter Offshore Wind Tenders Through Joint Ventures


Through their joint ventures, Ecowende and SchakelWind, Shell and Eneco are participating in the tenders for offshore wind farms Hollandse Kust (West) Sites VI and VII.

With Ecowende, the companies are aiming to build offshore wind farms that have a net positive impact on nature with a flourishing ecosystem, minimum impact on birds and bats, and an undisturbed underwater world. This will be implemented with dozens of partners, including experts, knowledge institutions and commercial partners from the Netherlands and abroad.

With SchakelWind, Shell and Eneco are aiming to enable a new phase in the energy transition, for all the sectors in the Dutch Climate Agreement. In addition to wind farm Hollandse Kust (west) site VII, SchakelWind will be making a large number of investments throughout the country. For example, there will be projects that fully move in sync with the power production of the wind farm. With various innovations and a dissemination program that will include internships and PhD research, SchakelWind will support further Dutch integration of offshore wind.

It is expected that Hollandse Kust (West) VI and VII will supply enough energy to green approximately 6% of the Dutch electricity demand. Both wind farms will be located 53 kilometers off the Dutch coast, west of IJmuiden, and will be commissioned in 2026.

“We are taking the next step by enabling the large-scale roll-out of offshore wind, in collaboration with Eneco,” says Marjan van Loon, president director at Shell Netherlands. “Through our bids for Hollandse Kust (West), we are investing significantly in the production of green energy and hydrogen. In this way, we work responsibly, and together with our customers, on a broader and cleaner energy system in the Netherlands.”

“With these joint ventures, we will be able to further the energy transition in the Netherlands together with Shell, both at sea and on land and in all sectors,” states Kees-Jan Rameau, chief strategic growth officer at Eneco. “We will solve a number of important issues and thus make an important contribution to achieving the objectives in the Dutch Climate Agreement.”

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