Shanghai Electric Debuts 11 MW Direct-Drive Wind Turbine


Shanghai Electric is releasing its latest offshore wind turbine model, Petrel platform SEW11.0-208. The flagship direct-drive turbine, of which the company has full proprietary intellectual property, features a nameplate capacity of 11 MW – the largest of its kind in Asia – marking a major breakthrough for China’s homegrown innovation in offshore wind technology.

SEW11.0-208 is the first offshore wind turbine to take full advantage of Shanghai Electric’s self-developed Petrel platform, which is purpose-built to withstand high temperatures, humidity and salt, as well as changeable and complex marine environments such as earthquakes and typhoons.

Against the backdrop of China’s peak carbon and carbon neutrality goals, SEW11.0-208 is an extension of Shanghai Electric’s effort in making wind energy a dominant energy source by launching an economical direct-drive wind power product capable of maintaining high power-generation efficiency and a low failure rate in both ordinary and typhoon sea areas.

Adopting full-cycle digital design, production and O&M management, SEW11.0-208 harnesses Shanghai Electric’s latest LeapX control system to reduce operating load and improve the operating stability of the unit. The new offshore giant uses S102 102-meter carbon-fiber blades that deliver enormous strength and superior performance thanks to its aerodynamic design. As a fully digitized smart wind turbine, SEW11.0-208 is also supercharged by Shanghai Electric’s Fengyun system, a cloud-based remote management platform, to boost operational efficiency and profitability for developers.

“As a global leader in offshore wind, Shanghai Electric is dedicated to helping China achieve peak carbon and carbon neutrality by leveraging its extensive proven technology in the field of renewable energy,” says Jin Xiaolong, vice president of Shanghai Electric. “The launch of our Petrel platform is a huge achievement for Shanghai Electric, which marks an important leap forward in our journey as we explore better and superior new energy products and solutions that lead the world stepping towards a greener future.”

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