SeaTwirl Granted European Patent


SeaTwirl, a producer of floating wind turbines, will be granted a patent for a divisible wind turbine by the European Patent Office (EPO). SeaTwirl has already been granted the same patent in Sweden, the U.S. and China.

The patent protects a solution where the wind turbine is divisible above and below the house that holds the generator and bearing. The entire generator and bearing housing can be replaced just above the water’s surface by boat. It reduces costs for both installation and maintenance and minimizes downtime.

“We’re happy to now be able to broaden our patent protection for this technical solution that reduces the cost of service and maintenance by simplifying installation and replacement of entire modules,” says Gabriel Strängberg, CEO of SeaTwirl.

SeaTwirl is working strategically to build a broad patent portfolio. By protecting technical solutions that make the wind turbines cheaper to build and maintain, the company strengthens its market position, notes SeaTwirl.

The corresponding patent was approved in Sweden in 2017 and in the U.S. and China in 2019. The notice from the EPO is dependent on SeaTwirl paying the required fees.

Photo: A floating wind turbine by SeaTwirl

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