Sarens Looks to Expand North American Presence in Offshore Wind Sector


Sarens, a global company that specializes in crane rental services, heavy lifting and engineered transport, says its North American operations will focus heavily on offshore and on-shore wind power through its four regional offices located in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

One of the main focuses of the company’s U.S. growth strategy focuses on offshore wind farms in the northeast, where Sarens touts deep expertise. Sarens installed the first wind farm in the world developed especially for offshore. The turbines, which in 2008 were already producing power of 5 MW each, surpass today’s mainstream onshore wind turbines.

According to World Forum Offshore Wind, the technical potential for floating wind power is around 7 GW for Europe, the U.S. and Japan combined. Developing this sector in the country represents a strategic move for Sarens.

After more than 12 years operating in the U.S, Sarens has undertaken several important projects nationwide, most recently the demolition of the Goliath Crane for the U.S. Navy in Newport News, Va.

Photo: Sarens’ News web page

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