Salka Energy Acquires First-Generation California Wind Farm


Clean power developer Salka LLC, through its subsidiary Salka Cabazon HoldCo LLC (Salka Energy), has acquired an operating wind farm in the San Gorgonio Pass near Palm Springs, Calif.

With this acquisition, the wind farm will continue to operate and generate energy while the company works to refurbish the facility. With a capacity of 39 MW, the wind farm is expected to power more than 11,000 homes.

This acquisition expands Salka Energy’s presence in California and continues the ongoing growth of the company.

Salka Energy’s approach to renewable energy projects is to take on projects facing complex development or operational challenges in an efficient and cost-effective manner using its depth of experience and expertise. Instead of wasting valuable clean energy opportunities, Salka’s involvement provides these complex projects with a significantly better chance of achieving success.

“We are dedicated to preserving or enhancing projects that will meet the clean energy needs of California’s homes and businesses. This purchase is just one example of how Salka Energy reinvests in existing operational facilities by refurbishment and eventually attempting to repower such facilities,” says CEO Jiddu Tapia.

The newly acquired wind farm has been operating since 1999; the facility’s age put it at risk of being decommissioned.

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