RWE, TenneT Make OranjeWind Offshore Grid Connection Deal


Network operator TenneT and energy company RWE have signed agreements for an offshore grid connection of OranjeWind, a wind farm to be built 33 miles off the Dutch coast.

The connection and transmission agreement and realization agreement cover the realization of the grid connection and the transmission of the electricity produced by RWE’s wind farm on TenneT’s platform. The agreements not only specify planning, but also how the electricity will be delivered from the wind farm to ensure stability in the grid. The connection will link to the high-voltage substation in Wijk aan Zee and will be operational by 2026.

“This is an important milestone in the project that brings us one step closer to realizing our perfect match for system integration and supplying sustainable electricity to over one million households in the Netherlands,” says Sven Utermohlen, CEO, RWE Offshore Wind. “For this, good cooperation with TenneT is essential.”

The wind farm will have an installed capacity of almost 800 MW and use a combination of smart innovations and investments to achieve a balance of supply and demand. These innovations include floating solar panels, a subsea lithium-ion battery and a LiDAR system to predict power production more accurately. In addition, RWE will invest in onshore system integration, such as electrolysis capacity and e-boilers, to match power generation and offtake. RWE is also developing solutions for smartly charging electric vehicles.

The timeline for OranjeWind is ambitious. To complete the project and deliver renewable power in 2027, agreements with partners such as TenneT are indispensable. Since 2016, TenneT has been the offshore grid operator in the Netherlands, transporting wind power generated at sea to the onshore grid. The Dutch government has designated these wind power areas in the North Sea for the generation of renewable energy.

“Through the innovations in this project with offshore solar panels and batteries, we can jointly gain experience in building the energy system of the future,” says Marco Kuijpers, director of offshore projects for TenneT.

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