RWE Begins Onshore Cable Construction for Thor Offshore Wind Farm


RWE is set to start construction of onshore cable works for its Thor Offshore Wind Farm, scheduled to be carried out at and around the project’s onshore substation south of Lemvig, Denmark, from this month to the end of October. 

The first part of the cable work is set to take place through June, where horizontal directional drilling works will be carried out under the dune and a field immediately south of Tuskær. Further smaller horizontal directional drilling works will be carried out along the approximately 4 km cable route between the onshore substation at Volder Mark and the beach. 

The landfall works are being carried out to enable two ducts to run under the dunes and the nearby field to prepare for cable pull-in next year. Each drill hole is approximately 425 meters long and the ducts will have a 71 cm diameter. 

The onshore cables are expected to be laid and buried during June and July and lead to the onshore substation, where they will be connected. Joint bay, jointing and testing works are set to be carried out from July to October.

Subsea cables are scheduled to be installed and connected to the onshore cables next year.

Ground was broken at the project’s onshore substation last May.

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