Rovco Adds Additional Site Survey Vessel to Company Fleet


Rovco has added a second hull-mounted survey vessel to its fleet with a four-year charter of the DP2 vessel Glomar Worker.  

Rovco is converting the ship’s sister vessel to the previously contracted Glomar Supporter, already under charter. After completion of these role-specific upgrades, the vessel will launch as a dedicated geophysical survey asset to serve the offshore market.

Rovco’s newest survey vessel will be equipped with a hull-mounted gondola and sensor package, along with additional stern and starboard A-frames to allow deployment of specialist-towed survey equipment and multi-sensor towing. The vessel will also be equipped with an autonomous surface vessel operating as a force multiplier. 

Both vessels have permanently mobilized WROVs, enabling the completion of survey and inspection tasks in field.

“We are delighted with our site characterization business unit’s year one performance,” says Rovco’s Craig Davis. “By bringing the Glomar Worker into the fleet, we’re now able to provide our clients with increased surety in availability, force multiplication to complete projects more quickly and, importantly, offer a consistency in data collection and reporting.”

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