Rocky Mountain Power Breaks Ground On Major Wind, Transmission Initiative


Rocky Mountain Power, a division of PacifiCorp and part of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, has begun construction efforts for its Energy Vision 2020 wind power expansion.

The initiative includes three new Wyoming wind farms that will provide a total 1,150 MW, representing a nearly 60% expansion of PacifiCorp’s current owned and contracted wind fleet, as well as a 140-mile, high-voltage transmission line in Wyoming that will help more wind energy connect to PacifiCorp’s transmission system.

In addition to the new wind projects and transmission line, the company’s Energy Vision 2020 initiative will repower the company’s existing wind fleet with longer blades and newer technology to boost output and extend the life of the projects.

“Working in partnership with community leaders and active citizens, we continue to forge new ways to maintain Wyoming’s place as a national powerhouse in energy production,” comments Gary Hoogeveen, president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Power.

Energy Vision 2020 includes the following projects:

  • Repowering current wind turbines in Converse County
  • Repowering current wind turbines in Carbon County
  • New wind construction on Ekola and TB Flats I & II in Carbon County
  • New wind construction on Cedar Springs in Converse County
  • Gateway West Transmission in Sweetwater and Carbon counties

These investments will help diversify the state’s economy, create jobs and add to the tax base. According to Rocky Mountain Power, these projects are expected to create 1,100-1,600 construction jobs in Wyoming and more than 100 full-time positions; add approximately $120 million in tax revenue from construction; and bring significant post-construction annual tax revenues, starting at approximately $11 million in 2021 and growing to $14 million annually by 2024.

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