Richardson Signs Executive Order To Encourage Green Economy


Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., has signed an executive order that outlines the state's course to building a comprehensive green economy. The executive order carries out recommendations and goals detailed in the report developed by the governor's Green Jobs Cabinet.

‘A comprehensive green economy is critical to the future of New Mexico and will lead our state into a new era of economic vitality and stability,’ says Richardson. ‘Today, I am outlining a clear path to ensure our state capitalizes economically and environmentally on our abundant renewable resources and assets.’

The Green Jobs Cabinet identified several immediate goals, including becoming a leader in renewable energy exports and making sure state universities properly train students for jobs in green technologies.

To increase wind development in the state, the governor wants to work with rural communities to develop sensible codes for the installation of large and small wind turbines.

Richardson also announced the release of the New Mexico Green Jobs Guidebook, which provides an overview of green occupations, education requirements and resources available at New Mexico colleges and universities.

In addition, the governor says he will seek legislation to expand the state's renewable energy production tax credit during the upcoming legislative session.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Bill Richardson

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