REsurety Unveils REmap Information Services Product


REsurety, a provider of valuation analytics and risk management services to buyers and sellers of renewable energy, has launched its REmap map-based SaaS product.

REmap is a new information services product that harnesses a massive project performance dataset and suite of financial analytics that industries use to make long-term asset and contract decisions for wind and solar energy. The REmap tool integrates weather and power market data, calculating hourly financial performance for 15,000 operational and greenfield locations, which REsurety uses to provide clients with the industry-wide context and site-specific depth of insight needed to make better decisions faster. 

“For years, REsurety has used its proprietary data and analytics to support the analysis of hedging instruments. Now, through REmap, REsurety makes that insight available by subscription to support a much broader set of use cases, including greenfield prospecting, M&A diligence and offtake, and hedge analysis,” says Lee Taylor, CEO of REsurety.

“The scale and complexity of risks facing clean energy projects and their offtakers are at an all-time high. Understanding and managing those risks requires a step change in information – and that’s why we built REmap,” he adds.

REmap leverages REsurety’s expertise at the intersection of atmospheric science, power market modeling and big data. Billions of data points from many sources are collected, cleansed and analyzed to provide the financial metrics that are critical to a renewable energy decision maker’s success. Existing customers include developers, hedge providers, C&I buyers and advisors.

Photo: A downloadable brochure about the REmap tool and its applications can be found here

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