Republican Brownback Throws Support Behind RES


Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., has called for bipartisan support in the Senate to include the renewable electricity standard (RES) title from the American Clean Energy and Leadership Act of 2009 – which was reported out of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee last summer – in upcoming energy legislation.

However, Brownback does not support the cap-and-trade portion of the legislation.

‘As we begin consideration of comprehensive energy legislation, it's essential we include ideas that will help drive our national energy production in the direction of more clean, renewable energy,’ says Brownback. ‘The RES title passed out of the Energy Committee requires by 2020 that 15% of our country's energy be produced using agreed-upon forms of renewable energy, such as wind, solar and biomass. Under this proposal, utilities are allowed to meet up to 4% of the requirement through energy efficiency.’

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) praised Brownback in a statement: ‘Senator Brownback has experience in Kansas with the economic development benefits of renewable energy and has promoted renewable energy policy in the Senate, providing a key vote in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee for the energy bill last year,’ says Denise Bode, president and CEO of AWEA. ‘We believe an RES not only has support for passage, but will strengthen the energy bill's chances, as well.’

SOURCE: American Wind Energy Association

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