RCG Rolls Out Global Renewable Infrastructure Projects 2.0 Platform


The Renewables Consulting Group (RCG) has launched the next generation of its proprietary Global Renewable Infrastructure Projects (GRIP) database platform.

Featuring new functionality and enhanced features, GRIP 2.0 is an authoritative source of essential offshore wind project data and forecasts, the company says. It provides critical data, updated in real time, on a platform that is easy to use and can be targeted toward client needs.

RCG’s tailored market modeling and understanding of levelized energy costs allows clients to benchmark projects, build merit orders and compare public data with their proprietary information. The database is combined with geographic information system (GIS) services to manage, interrogate and present data, while subject matter experts work with clients to customize the data to meet specific needs.

The online database allows users to query and extract data by country, project, participant, status, associated infrastructure, assets and other items, and permits in-depth comparisons and other types of data analysis.

“Through GRIP 2.0, we are delivering a new way of accessing data and forecasts that will give our customers faster and higher quality information to support growth in their businesses,” says Sebastian Rae, RCG’s associate director.

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