RCG Appoints Spearman to Lead its Floating Offshore Wind Practice


The Renewables Consulting Group (RCG) has appointed floating offshore wind specialist Dan Kyle Spearman to lead its global floating offshore wind practice.

As floating offshore wind will be a key renewable energy technology in the energy transition to net-zero carbon emissions, RCG has ramped up its advisory and service offerings as a result.

“We are thrilled that Spearman will lead our floating offshore wind practice,” says Sebastian Chivers, CEO of RCG. “Floating offshore wind is poised to become one of the key technologies to decarbonize the energy sector and achieve net-zero emissions. His technological experience and proven track record for both fixed and floating offshore wind will greatly benefit our clients.”

Spearman, who will be based in London, is a recognized expert in floating offshore wind and has a proven track record of delivering complex projects with multiple stakeholders across a range of topics in both fixed and floating offshore wind. Spearman brings a broad range of technical, operational and commercial expertise. Before joining RCG, Spearman was head of offshore wind programs at the Carbon Trust where he managed key initiatives such as the floating wind joint industry program and the operations and maintenance working group as part of the offshore wind accelerator research program.

As part of the proceedings, Spearman worked closely with 15 international developers and the Scottish government to make both fixed and floating offshore wind into mainstream energy sources. Moreover, Spearman worked with developers to address the technical challenges for deployment of future large-scale floating farms, giving insight into the challenges and opportunities of floating wind and engaging with the floating wind supply chain to implement the results. Spearman has also managed multiple projects relating to marine logistics which reduced costs, improved offshore health and safety, and reduced vessel emissions. He has supported innovators with demonstrating and commercializing their technologies.

“I am excited to be joining RCG, one of the leading offshore wind advisory firms, and head up their work in floating wind,” says Spearman. “Floating wind is a technology with huge potential and is about to boom – RCG is well-positioned to support clients realize commercial opportunities in the market.”

Photo: Dan Kyle Spearman

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