PSEG, Orsted Submit New Jersey Offshore Wind Transmission Proposals


PSEG and Ørsted have submitted several joint proposals for offshore wind transmission that support New Jersey’s clean energy goals.

Submitted into the PJM State Agreement Approach Proposal Window, the joint proposals are collectively named Coastal Wind Link. They are designed to deliver thousands of megawatts of offshore wind energy into New Jersey, drawing from PSEG’s transmission experience and Ørsted’s expertise in offshore wind energy.

“We applaud New Jersey for setting aggressive clean energy goals and recognizing the need to continue to ensure a reliable, resilient energy system that also enables the state’s clean energy future,” says Lathrop Craig, PSEG’s vice president of wind development. “PSEG has set a net-zero by 2030 climate vision and will continue to support the state in the realization of its clean energy goals.”

“Our investments, including those in Coastal Wind Link, will focus on fostering sustainable clean energy infrastructure,” Craig continues. “The Coastal Wind Link proposals bring together the vast expertise and track record of Ørsted and PSEG – a track record that includes a commitment to leveraging diverse suppliers and supporting the communities where we do business.”

The Coastal Wind Link proposals encompass individual and networked solutions and would ensure that New Jersey has a clear path to connect to the offshore wind energy coming online during the next decade while minimizing environmental impacts along New Jersey’s coastline. The proposals will utilize existing PSEG infrastructure in New Jersey to expedite development and enhance constructability.

“New Jersey continues to be a leader in clean energy, both in development of offshore wind and with forward-looking transmission solutions,” states David Hardy, CEO of Ørsted Offshore North America. “We support the state’s ambitions of building a lasting offshore wind industry and clean energy resource for residents for many years to come. We’re pleased to submit our Coastal Wind Link proposals, which offer a range of transmission and offshore expertise for policymakers to utilize in achieving this vision.”

In addition to the Coastal Wind Link proposals submitted jointly with Ørsted, PSEG’s affiliate, Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G), submitted multiple proposals into the PJM State Agreement Approach Proposal Window. PSE&G’s proposals target upgrades to the onshore grid that will be necessary to accommodate the new generation being built offshore.

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