Prisma Photonics Opens First U.S. Office in Austin 


Prisma Photonics, an Israeli startup utilizing optical fiber technology to monitor large-scale power-utility infrastructure, has opened its first U.S. office in Austin, Texas. 

Founded in 2017, Prisma Photonics works with utilities in the U.S. and Europe to deploy solutions that identify threats to transmission assets in real time while offering line ratings to help utilities comply with FERC regulations and increase capacity on congested networks.

Utility industry veteran Ryan O’Keefe will lead the U.S. as senior vice president of U.S. sales. His career features stints with cleantech companies such as Orsted, NextEra Energy Resources and GE.

“Having worked with power generators, developers and utilities throughout my career, I know firsthand the obstacles we face in deploying a more resilient and reliable grid in the face of rising demand and ongoing threats from severe weather,” says O’Keefe. 

“I am honored to be part of a team at Prisma that pioneers a highly scalable industry-leading solution for transmission line monitoring. Leveraging our proprietary technology, we harness existing transmission infrastructure, delivering tailored real-time data to utilities, enabling them to safeguard their transmission assets against physical threats and remain in compliance with FERC’s line rating mandates.”

Prisma Photonics’ optical fiber sensing technology covers several infrastructure sectors, including power, oil and gas pipelines, subsea infrastructure, railways, highways, and other long-range utilities.

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