Port Houston To Purchase Renewable Electricity Over 10 Years


Port Houston has been given the go-ahead to purchase renewable electricity port-wide.

Executive director Roger Guenther was given authorization by the Port Commission to enter into final negotiations for the purchase of renewable electricity with three retail electric providers: Constellation New Energy Inc., MP2 Energy Texas and NRG Business Solutions.

The authorization includes determining the provider with the proposal that provides the best value for the port and then entering into a 10-year contract at a cost not to exceed $35 million.

Port Houston expects to save about $240,000 annually by moving from a three- to 10-year term, or a savings of $2.5 million over the long term. Further, sourcing electricity from 100% renewable generation will eliminate about 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide from Port Houston’s carbon footprint.

For more than 100 years, Port Houston has owned and operated the public wharves and terminals of the greater Port of Houston.

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