Port Authority Buys Into Vastvind Offshore Wind Power Project


The Gothenburg Port Authority says it will become a partner in Eolus’s Västvind offshore wind power project, acquiring 5% of the shares in the project company that owns Västvind. Eolus will remain as the owner of 95%. 

The Västvind wind farm will be situated in the municipalities of Kungälv and Öckerö, as well as in the Swedish economic zone.

“The world’s major ports will become energy hubs and centers for the manufacture of hydrogen gas and e-fuel for maritime traffic,” says Elvir Dzanic, CEO of the Gothenburg Port Authority. “The Port of Gothenburg’s strategy is to lead the green transition of maritime traffic, but this position will not come about without some effort. Access to green electricity will be entirely crucial for the port’s development and competitiveness. Investing in offshore wind power is therefore a strategic decision for us.”

There is already a severe deficit in electricity generation in the region, and demand for electricity is expected to double by 2035.

“In this situation, we must do everything we can to ensure the port’s access to green electricity,” says Dzanic.

The Västvind wind farm is planned to have an installed capacity of 1 GW, with the potential to generate 4.5 TWh of renewable electricity per year. This corresponds to the current need for electricity and power of the entire city of Gothenburg. The project could potentially be operational in 2029.

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