PGS Wins First Offshore Wind Site Characterization Projects


PGS has won its first ultra-high resolution wind farm site characterization project. PGS New Energy’s seismic acquisition contract/survey will cover two European sites, both of which are in a development phase. PGS will mobilize a 3D vessel for the project in early April and expects to complete acquisition toward the end of June.

The project will be acquired with the ultra-high-resolution 3D (UHR3D) P-Cable system. P-Cable provides significantly more detailed subsurface data for shallower targets compared to traditional seismic acquisition systems.

“We are delighted with this contract award, which marks our entry into the offshore wind site characterization market,” says Berit Osnes, executive vice president of new energy at PGS. “Our P-Cable system acquires ultra-high-resolution 3D shallow subsurface data significantly more efficiently than conventional solutions. We believe our geophysical approach to understand the shallow subsurface layers has a proven market fit and is ready to be scaled to increase our market share in the offshore wind segment. Carbon storage and offshore wind farms are important components of the transition to a sustainable energy mix.”

PGS ASA and its subsidiaries are a fully integrated marine geophysical company that provides a range of seismic and reservoir services, including data acquisition, imaging, interpretation and field evaluation.

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