PGE Group Receives Permits for Offshore Wind Farms in Poland


The Regional Director for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ) in Gdańsk, Poland, has issued permits for two offshore wind farm projects in PGE Group’s portfolio: Baltica 2 and Baltica 3. The two farms will have a combined capacity of up to 2.5 GW. The decision gives PGE Group the green light to start working on the basic design for both farms.

When fully operational, the Baltica 2 wind farm is expected to produce 1,498 MW of energy. The Baltica 3 farm will be capable of producing 1,045 MW. The projects will be located approximately 30 km north of the Polish coastline. It’s estimated that each turbine installed at the farms will be able to produce between 10 and 13 MW of power.

The two sites are expected to be fully operational in 2026.

“Through the diversification of energy sources and our investments in offshore wind farms, Poland will be able to gradually reduce its use of fossil fuels. The offshore Baltica 2 and 3 wind farms are key elements in the transitional process and important contributions to the nationwide energy transition,” says Henryk Baranowski, president of PGE Polska.

A front-runner of the energy transformation in Poland, PGE Group says it is aware of the changes taking place and the challenges that the energy sector faces. The implementation of the 2.5 GW offshore wind power projects will remove about 7 million tons of CO2 emissions per year.

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