PALFINGER Named Preferred Crane Supplier for Fecamp Offshore Wind Farm


PALFINGER Marine, an international manufacturer of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems, has been named preferred supplier for 71 of its PF14000-4.5 LDB fixed boom cranes to support the construction of the Fécamp offshore wind farm project, located between 13 km and 20 km off France’s Normandy coast.

PALFINGER’s cranes will lift materials and tools from a supply vessel onto the laydown area of the transition deck during the installation and commissioning of Fécamp’s wind turbines. Additionally, the cranes will be used during routine inspection and service work throughout the turbines’ operational life. PALFINGER notes that apart from the cranes’ low maintenance and service requirements, they can be operated during emergency evacuations.

“The Fécamp offshore wind farm project offered an opportunity that we couldn’t let slip by,” says Nikolaj Bæk Rosenkrantz, sales manager of wind at PALFINGER. “Winning this project has opened the door for PALFINGER to the French offshore wind market and significantly strengthens our footprint in the European offshore wind industry. We’ve been leading close dialogues, making full use of our synergies and working on solutions that will perfectly meet the customer’s requirements.” 

In addition to the 71 fixed boom davits, PALFINGER will deliver two PTM600-20 m telescopic boom cranes to the offshore wind farm’s operations and maintenance (O&M) base for loading and unloading materials and equipment to and from crew transfer vessels (CTVs).

As soon as PALFINGER won the Fécamp bid, preparations for the deliveries of the cranes began. The first batch is estimated to be supplied in May. Fécamp is expected to commence operations in 2023.

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