Ossian Floating Offshore Wind Farm Partners Submit Array Scoping Report


The partners behind the proposed Ossian Floating Offshore Wind Farm have submitted the project’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) scoping report to Marine Scotland. 

The scoping report outlines the key technologies that are currently under consideration for the project, which will have a total capacity of up to 3.6 GW.  Ossian is located approximately 80 km southeast of the Aberdeenshire coast.

The scoping report submission marks the first formal submission in the EIA process and highlights the key focus areas that will be considered within the EIA. Marine Scotland has now circulated the scoping report and has commenced the formal consultation process. 

“The Ossian Wind Farm partners are looking forward to receiving feedback and continuing to engage with stakeholders to undertake a robust and proportionate environmental impact assessment for the array area,” says Holly Cartwright, development lead for Ossian.

The report can be reviewed here.

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