OSIsoft To Supply PI System At The Wind Energy TechnoCentre


OSIsoft will supply and install its PI System, a data collection and archiving software infrastructure, on two new wind turbines that will be set up at the Wind Energy TechnoCentre in Gaspe, Quebec.

OSIsoft's PI system will help the technology and research and development teams collect data at the Wind Energy TechnoCentre for assessing the impact of arctic conditions on the generation of wind power. The system will also assist in developing equipment that will perform efficiently under these conditions. In addition, the OSIsoft application suite will be used to assess wind energy potential and to forecast wind farm energy capability in an arctic environment.

The PI system will be connected to the turbine control system and weather towers in order to test the cold-climate version of REpower's MM92 wind turbines under severe conditions.

The data collected will be studied in order to determine the factors that characterize ice formation on the turbines, and will be used as a guide in the development of products suited to arctic conditions, such as turbines, lubricants and software.


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