Orsted Selects Atos to Implement Communications Solutions


Atos, a European multinational information technology service and consulting company, has been selected by Ørsted to implement mission-critical communications solutions for a system to aid Ørsted in its goal of delivering clean, reliable energy for the environment and local East Coast communities in the U.S.

With its strong footprint in the U.S., Atos meets Ørsted’s requirements. Atos is already supporting Ørsted in the APAC region and in Europe, and this new agreement further recognizes Atos’ expertise in mission-critical communications.

As part of this contract, Atos will be responsible for the whole critical communications value chain, from engineering and design to installation, testing and commissioning, and maintenance support. 

The solution will include:

  • Professional mobile radio systems
  • Marine and aviation communication systems
  • Marine and aviation tracking systems
  • Microwave links
  • Network management 
  • Voice dispatching systems

“We are proud to support Ørsted in its production of green electricity and in securing its offshore wind turbines in the U.S. Our experts in critical communication constantly strive to provide the best services to Ørsted. It is on this basis of trust and excellence that we strengthen our long-term relationship,” says Cyril Dujardin, senior vice president of mission-critical systems, big data and security at Atos.

“Atos puts safety and decarbonization at the heart of its business approach and is proud to support companies that have chosen to develop renewable energies,” he adds.

Both companies have signed an exclusive agreement which covers current and future Ørsted offshore wind farm projects in the U.S. region.

For more information on Atos’ communication solutions, click here.

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