ORLEN, Northland Power Start Building Service Base for Baltic Offshore Farm


ORLEN Group and Northland Power have begun construction of a service base that will support the Baltic Power offshore wind farm, a joint project between the two companies, in Łeba. 

Planned as a mother port for vessels transporting equipment and personnel, the base is set to service the farm for its approximate 25-year minimum life cycle. The base is expected to be ready by next year, previous to the wind farm becoming operational, and is to be serviced by up to four vessels, each able to take up to 24 technicians on board with full equipment. 

“Łeba is another location that will play an important role in the service ecosystem of the Polish offshore wind industry” says Daniel Obajtek, president of ORLEN’s management board. “A service base that is able to respond quickly to current operational needs will be key to maintaining the maximum efficiency of our investment.

The Baltic Power offshore wind farm preparation phase was completed last September, with financing secured from 25 institutions. On schedule, the project has obtained the necessary construction permits and contracts for all key components. 

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