Oregon Governor Announces Creation Of Energy Policy Council


At a recent energy summit in Portland, Ore., Gov. Ted Kulongoski, D-Ore., told attendees he plans to create an Oregon Planning and Energy Council through executive order in the coming months. The council will meet and report regularly to the governor and legislature with recommendations for legislative and budgetary needs to secure Oregon's energy future.

‘Finding our way to a clean and renewable energy future is about much more than measuring carbon emissions and building more transmission infrastructure,’ says Kulongoski. ‘It is a test of our character, our wisdom and our willingness to leave to our posterity an even better Oregon than was left to us.’

The group will be charged with:

– providing the governor and legislature analysis on energy forecasting, transmission, price stability, renewable energy, alternative energy sources and energy efficiency,

– developing comprehensive immediate, intermediate and long-term plans for meeting the state's energy needs,

– conducting an ongoing review of the state's anticipated energy needs and energy supply, and making recommendations for bridging any potential gaps,

– identifying challenges to addressing the immediate issues of price stability and energy supply certainty for Oregon families and businesses, and

– advising the governor and legislature on the emissions and environmental impacts of recommended energy strategies.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Ted Kulongoski

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