Ontario Beer Retailer Raises A Glass To Green Energy, Launches Pilot Program


The Beer Store, an Ontario beer retailer operating over 400 locations, has teamed up with Bullfrog Power, a Canadian green energy provider, to launch a pilot program at seven of its stores.

Under the partnership, Bullfrog Power will provide renewable energy credits to match the power consumption of the Beer Store locations. Bullfrog says it sources its green electricity from a blend of wind energy and hydropower across Canada.

‘This announcement marks the first phase of the partnership between Bullfrog Power and The Beer Store and is part of a broader commitment to supporting green energy,’ says Shaun Lewis, vice president of sales at Bullfrog Power. ‘By choosing green electricity with Bullfrog Power, The Beer Store is reducing its environmental impact and helping to advance new renewable energy projects in Canada.’

‘The Beer Store has a long tradition of being at the forefront of environmental sustainability through our strong focus on recycling and by placing environmental leadership at the core of our values,’ adds Ted Moroz, president of The Beer Store. ‘Our partnership with Bullfrog Power marks the latest chapter in The Beer Store's environmental story by demonstrating our commitment to building on our past successes and finding innovative new ways to make greener choices.’

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