Okla. Gov. Signs Energy Security Act


rad Henry has signed into law House Bill 3028, a measure that expands the use of clean energy in the state of Oklahoma. The bill, introduced by Speaker of the House Chris Benge and Sen. David Myers, establishes a renewable energy target of 15% by 2015. The bill allows electricity generators to utilize energy efficiency in order to meet the goal and also establishes a natural-gas energy standard. In addition, the act also requires the Oklahoma Legislature and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to develop a plan for transmission grid expansion in the state. "This legislation advances our nation's energy security, improves the environment and enhances Oklahoma's economic development potential," Henry said. "It signals to renewable and clean energy manufacturers that Oklahoma is a leader in renewable energy and supportive of efforts to expand this industry. With the passage of this legislation, alternative energy manufacturing companies will take a closer look at locating in Oklahoma." SOURCE: [link=http://www.ok.gov/governor/display_article.php?article_id=1401&article_type=1]Office of Gov. Brad Henry

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