Offshore Wind Startups Get a Spotlight During IPF 2023


The Business Network for Offshore Wind, in partnership with SeaAhead, has announced the winners of the 2023 Startup Alley competition, which provides guidance and a platform for the most innovative startups in the offshore wind industry to pitch their ideas.

This year, 13 startup companies whose technologies and products serve the offshore wind industry will present at the network’s annual International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF), taking place in Baltimore from March 28-30.

To support its rapid growth throughout U.S. coastlines, the offshore wind industry requires innovative businesses in the supply chain to help reduce costs and ensure sustainable development. However, it can be difficult for small startups to find their place in the industry when starting out. Startup Alley gives these businesses the opportunity to showcase their innovations and directly connect with industry leaders and stakeholders at IPF, the organization says.

“Innovation is a necessity if the industry is to achieve the 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030 and 15 GW of floating offshore wind by 2035 goals set by the Biden-Harris Administration,” says Liz Burdock, president of the network. “Through this partnership with SeaAhead, we can showcase unique ways to address the challenges the industry faces, from spurring supply chain cooperation to reducing the environmental impact of offshore wind projects.

This year’s cohort of startups represent innovation at multiple points on the offshore wind supply chain. Their products and services will benefit operations across the industry, including everything from on-turbine electric vessel charging system, wind propulsion for service trips, and biofouling drag reduction, further decarbonizing the supply chain, to upgrading the manufacturing and construction to reach scale faster, with elevator systems, self-erecting platforms, superconducting wire, and hyper local weather-informed planning and scheduling.

The 2023 Startup Alley Participants are:

  • Aikido Technologies
    Designed a self-erecting platform for floating offshore wind turbines
  • Aloft Systems
    Designs and manufactures modern sails to reduce fuel consumption on commercial ships
  • BeeX
    Increases efficiency of underwater asset management using autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Blackfish Engineering
    Developed the first on-turbine electric vessel charging system
  • Blue Ocean Gear
    Provides intelligent, connected buoys for tracking ocean gear
  • CLS Wind
    Developing an elevator system to reduce the need for large cranes in turbine installation
  • Cut-In
    Building a supplier database to help local businesses participate in the supply chain
  • Fathom Science
    Provides science-driven metocean intelligence to help developers increase project efficiency
  • Finsulate
    Developed a wrap to replace traditional anti-fouling paints on ocean vessels
  • MetOx Technologies
    Manufactures High Temperature Superconducting wire, which reduces transmission loss
  • SeaDeep
    Provides software to enable remote piloting of underwater vessels
  • SeaTrac Systems, Inc.
    Develops uncrewed, solar-powered surface vehicles for surveying and monitoring
  • Whiffle
    Developed an ultra-high-resolution weather model that helpins in planning offshore wind projects

For the second year, the network and SeaAhead have partnered to select the promising startups within the global offshore wind industry. Each company will present their pitch to IPF participants and take part in a moderated Q&A.

“We are excited to hear from a whole new cohort at Startup Alley this year,” says SeaAhead Program Manager Katherine Woolford. “These startups are innovating at every point along the supply chain, and we can’t wait to see the scores of connections that will happen after the pitches on the IPF conference floor, accelerating the development of the industry towards its 2030 goals.”

Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

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