Northland Power, LS Cable Sign Offshore Wind Power Deal for Canada


LS Cable & System has entered into an MOU for cooperation in the domestic offshore wind power business with Northland Power, a Canadian new and renewable energy developer.

With this MOU, the two companies prescribed the role of each company and various matters necessary for the offshore wind power generation business, and agreed to cooperate in related EPC (design, procurement and construction).

“With this MOU, we will comply with the government’s new and renewable energy policy and contribute to job creation,” says Roe-Hyun Myung, LS Cable & System’s president and CEO.

“Cooperation with LS Cable & System laid the foundation for the smooth operation of the offshore wind power business in Korea,” adds Seung-soo Han, CEO of Northland Power Korea “We will take the lead in supplying environmentally friendly renewable energy.”

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