Nordex Releases Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Bench for Grid Compliance


The Nordex Group has released its latest power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) test bench for grid compliance testing of power electric drivetrains. 

The test bench, developed and engineered by R&D Test Systems, includes an emulator, allowing the company to simulate a range of grid conditions, including voltage and frequency variations, as well as grid faults, without needing field testing.

The company says the test bench will be equipped with measurement and control systems allowing for real-time monitoring and grid behavior emulation. 

”Traditionally, grid compliance tests are carried out in the field with a wind turbine prototype, which can  be time-consuming and challenging,” says Gregor Krause, project director at R&D Test Systems. “The new test bench with grid emulator gives Nordex full control of  the testing scenarios and timeline, allowing for more controlled and repeatable testing.” 

R&D Test Systems will deliver the power HIL test bench to Nordex in 2024, providing Nordex with full control of the testing scenarios and allowing for more efficient testing. 

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