Nexans Installs Export Cable for South Fork Wind


Nexans has successfully installed the export cable for Ørsted and Eversource’s South Fork Wind Farm in Long Island, N.Y.

The company supplied and spliced the two export cable lengths running from the offshore substation to shore, performed the transition joint between the export and land cables, and installed the GIS terminations on the offshore substation. The cable was manufactured at Nexans’ facility in Charleston, S.C., and the additional work was completed through a collaborative effort of local contractors, union workers and Nexans specialists. The 110 km 138 kV high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) subsea export cable will soon transmit 132 MW of electricity to Long Island, energizing over 70,000 homes.

The South Fork Wind Farm contract is the first to be completed within a framework agreement between Nexans and Ørsted Wind Power North America LLC. In line with the same framework agreement, Nexans is presently manufacturing the cable for Ørsted and Eversource’s Revolution Wind Farm in Rhode Island, with installation scheduled for 2024.

“The completion of the work at South Fork Wind Farm is a monumental step in the energy transition in the United States,” says Nexans’ Pascal Radue. “New York’s commitment to supply up to 9 GW of offshore wind power to the state by 2030 is an incredible opportunity, and we are looking forward to continuing work in the state and in the broader region.”

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