New LionESS Tech Enables Storage of Any Generated Renewable Energy


Lion Energy, a power solutions company that help individuals, families and organizations of any size become energy independent, has launched LionESS – ESS stands for energy storage systems.

The technology enables customers to store virtually any type of renewable power generated (solar, wind, hydro and thermal), as well non-renewable sources (utility grid and generators). The result is an inventory of stored energy from a variety of power sources that can be managed and maximized for the most economical, eco-friendly usage possible.

“We provide peace of mind that your appliances, computers, networks, lights and other critical devices stay on during emergencies, during peak demand periods and when utility company blackouts happen,” says Tyler Hortin, president of Lion Energy. “Most importantly, we pave the pathway to moving the country – and the entire world – to 100 percent renewable energy and energy independence, which can only be achieved through safe, reliable energy storage. LionESS provides game-changing cost saving opportunities just in peak cost time usage alone, where in-home and large custom systems can pay for themselves quickly, such as when your local utility offers cash rebates and other incentives.”

LionESS technology elements are integral to the design, creation, deployment and support of Lion Energy products, all of which are designed and engineered in the United States, ranging from small handheld power devices and portable solar generators to home, business and industrial custom solutions. These technologies include the Energy Management System (EMS) software, firmware and infrastructure to oversee the entire process of energy storage and use as well as the Battery Management System (BMS) software and infrastructure to efficiently use and protect the high-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries that serve as the core energy storage.

The Lion App will communicate with LionESS, providing data and control at the user’s fingertips, making it easy for anyone to control, efficiently store and use energy without having to be technologically savvy.

By utilizing LionESS, customers can deploy the most cutting-edge approaches to energy use, such as peak energy shaving, energy shift-time of use, energy backup power, energy arbitrage functions and critical-start.

LionESS technology’s impact can be experienced across home and custom business and industrial solutions, including Lion Sanctuary, a home and office energy storage system. It is a solar inverter and energy storage system that harnesses energy from a variety of sources to power homes, cabins, houseboats and light offices and can be used as energy backup. The system features an efficient 8k hybrid inverter/charger with a powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate 13.5kWh battery and is expandable. In addition, Lion POWERsave provides flexible modular solutions that can be customized to meet larger specific energy storage needs. It can be used indoor and outdoor, with power and capacity ranging from 30 kW/50 kWh to 1.5 MW/2.2 MWh. Custom POWERsave solutions can be used in a variety of settings and industries including utilities, police, military, hospitals, airports, schools, railroads and data centers.

“LionESS simplifies storing and utilizing energy, which enables customers to manage energy usage digitally at their fingertips,” states Zhenfang “Jim” Ge, Lion Energy’s founder and chairman of the board. “With LionESS, renewable energy and energy independence has never been easier or more viable as customers are able to determine the preferred source of energy as well as the best time to use stored energy for maximum efficiency, savings and green impact.”

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