New Jersey Postpones Third Offshore Wind Solicitation


The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has updated the timeline for issuing the third solicitation for New Jersey’s offshore wind development. The board will release the third solicitation by January 2023, rather than the previously anticipated September 2022.

The updated timeline complements the first-of-its-kind coordinated transmission solution to get offshore wind generated energy to New Jersey customers. The transmission solution will be selected from 80 projects submitted by transmission developers for consideration in the State Agreement Approach (SAA) process.

The SAA is a collaboration between the NJBPU and PJM Interconnection LLC that enables New Jersey’s offshore wind goal to be incorporated into the PJM transmission planning process. The robust response provides considerable options for the potential selection of a project or projects that would provide the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally protective transmission solution. The updated schedule allows for the SAA process to be completed and the outcome incorporated into the third solicitation guidance documents.

In addition, the updated schedule will allow the developers who successfully bid for new lease areas in the New York Bight time to further plan the investigation and subsequent development of their lease areas. This will be key to receiving proposals that will be in the best interest of New Jersey’s ratepayers, thus creating a strong pathway to a successful solicitation and offshore wind program.

“Expanding New Jersey’s offshore wind industry is a vital step forward in creating a stronger, fairer, and greener New Jersey,” says Gov. Murphy. “A clean energy future is critical for our economy and our environment. The updated timeline ensures that we are paving a strong pathway for the future of offshore wind development.” 

Solicitations 4 and 5 will remain on schedule as previously announced.

“New Jersey remains 100 percent committed to offshore wind development and this update to our schedule takes into account two exciting and important milestones in offshore wind in our region,” states NJBPU President Joseph L. Fiordaliso. “With 80 proposals for transmission solutions submitted in response to the SAA solicitation, adjusting our timeline to allow for the selection of the optimal transmission solution will inform our next solicitation for offshore wind projects. Coupled with the new lease areas in the New York Bight, developers will now have ample time to put together thoughtful and cost-effective proposals.”

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